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Pringles Original x12

SKU: NLY_46852
Savour the iconic taste sensation that is Pringles . A blend of potatoes and crisp salt finish, plus a unique freshness to keep our crisps crunchy inside our iconic red can. Whether it be a tasty party snack or tempting bite to share with your friends, it's always a good time for Pringles. And with its re-sealable 40-gram tube, you can share all of your Pringles now, or save them for later. New perfect flavour in every bite

Pringles Variety x48.

SKU: NLY_63372
Pringles is a great tasting potato chips with its unique taste and exciting flavours.

Welch’s Mixed Fruits Snacks

SKU: NLY_77489
Welch Fruit Snacks contains the following fruits Grape, Peach, Orange, Strawberry and Raspberry. These mixed fruit has loads of Vitamins like Vitamin C which  is needed to produce collagen, it may help relieve asthma symptoms, and it may protect against cancer.Studies have shown higher fruit, vegetable, and specifically vitamin C intake is associated with reduced stroke risk.  [present in certain fruits and vegetable] are thought to provide some of that protection through several mechanisms, including improved blood vessel function and an anti-inflammatory effect.